4 Courses

Veṇu – Avatāra

Krishna is the source of all incarnations and He appears in many different forms. In this Unit you will learn the Dasavatara Song and hear the story of the Matsya Avatara.

Veṇu – Mahabharata

The great heroes of the Mahabharata are Krishna and Arjuna. You will hear their story and also learn a bhajana called nama sankirtana. This bhajana lists many great personalities and different names of Krishna.

Veṇu – Krishna is the Supersoul

In this course you will learn the song, Krishna is the Supersoul and do a variety of activities related to this song. You will also learn two new ślokas.

Veṇu – Pañca-Tattva

In this Course you will hear some pastimes about Lord Caitanya in Mayapura, the place where He was born, and enjoy a variety of fun activities. You will also learn two new ślokas.