14 Story Books With Interactive Activities

Series Manual and Teaching Guide

Dr. Best Learn to Read is intended to teach children all the basic language patterns of English, so that by the time a child completes the program, he or she is expected to be reading fluently.

Set C - Book 01: A Photo of an Elephant

Elephants sometimes walk through the streets of Indian villages, but they are an uncommon sight. Elephants are trained to be part of festival processions as they have been for centuries. In this story, Ravi and Vikram want to take a photo of the elephant, but their camera is nowhere to be found.

Set C - Book 02: Be a Mouse Again

A traditional Indian tale of a mouse and a yogi explores themes of grateful-ness and happiness. Will the mouse really do better if the yogi turns him into a cat?

Set C - Book 03: Matthew's Toy Rocket

The three friends Jack, Zak, and Matthew like to pretend they are sending out a magic arrow when they launch their toy rocket. While Jack and Matthew are excited about playing the roles of Arjuna and Karna, Zak thinks only about Matthew’s rocket and how he would like one for himself.

Set C - Book 04: The Treasure in the Watermelon

Siva and Parvati give a beggar a treasure. But he needs faith and curiosity to find it. In this traditional tale, we learn that things are not always what they seem.

Set C - Book 05: Seven Things for Krishna

Sita likes to do volunteer service with her father at their local temple. She decides to do seven services there for her seventh birthday, but she can only think of six. 

Set C - Book 06: The Friend of the Poor

Raju is too poor to bring anything to the school festival. He’s relieved when Deena Bandhu gives him a pot of yoghurt to bring, but there is hardly enough for one person and many people will be coming! This traditional tale expands on the first mantra on the Iso Upanisad of the Vedas. 

Set C - Book 07: Safe from the Forest Fire

Krishna and his friends are responsible for the cows, goats, and buffalo in their village. But one day the animals walk far away and a fire surrounds them. This story from the Puranas tells how Krishna saves his friends and animals.

Set C - Book 08: Vidura’s Banana Peels

This is an adaptation of one of the most well-loved stories in the Mahabharat. Out of inattention due to love, Vidura accidentally serves his guest banana peels! Even more surprising is that his guest eats them.

Set C - Book 09: King Bharat is a Deer

The three lives of Bharat as king, deer, and sage is a fascinating story from India’s Puranas. This chapter book gives a simple example of the concept of reincarnation and some of the principles of bhakti yoga.

Set C - Book 10: The King and the Sage

This story of insults, anger, forgiveness, and faith from the Puranas explores how we act when things aren’t the way we would like them to be. What is the best way to act when someone insults us or someone we love?

Set C - Book 11: Little and Quick

This is a collection of short stories and poems. Some are based on traditional tales, such as the stories of the yogi who could walk on water and the four blessings. In these “little and quick” tales we learn about values and spiritual truth.

Set C - Book 12: Swing in the Monsoon

In this blending of fiction and non-fiction, we learn how fans and swings help to keep us cool in hot and humid weather. Children explore the ancient pastime of swinging in the monsoon season as Ravi and Vikram build a swing at home.

Set C - Book 13: The Hunter and the Sage

The famous Narada comes upon crying animals and confronts the hunter who wounded them. In this traditional story from Bengal, the hunter surprises everyone with his transformation.

Set C - Book 14: The Priest and the Cobbler

Should we judge people by their race, wealth, job, or by their character? The famous Narada is surprised by the character differences between a priest and a cobbler in this traditional tale.