14 Story Books With Interactive Activities
1 English Alphabet Course

Learning The English Alphabet

This course will teach children to have instant recognition of all the letters in the English alphabet, both upper case (capital letters) and lower case (small letters). Children will learn the order of the letters and the names of each of the letters out of order.

Series Manual and Teaching Guide

Dr. Best Learn to Read is intended to teach children all the basic language patterns of English, so that by the time a child completes the program, he or she is expected to be reading fluently.

Set A - Book 01: Krishna Is

This simple beginning book is based on the Bhagavad-gita, one of the most widely revered ancient spiritual texts of India. Through these meditations, children can see the spiritual in everyday life.

Set A - Book 02: We Can Run in the Sun

In the cowherding village of Vrindavana, the young boys play in nature.  Their simple, natural life is full of joy. There are still some villages in the world where such a life continues to the present day.

Set A - Book 03: Cows Get Love

Children naturally love animals, and cows are very practical and useful household “pets” in many parts of the world. This book shows that it takes affection to care for a cow.

Set A - Book 04: We are Singing

Thousands of years ago in the village of Vrindavana, all the people, animals, and even nature were singing full of joy. This simple book captures the mood of this town, which pilgrims still visit as a holy place.

Set A - Book 05: Sita Sat at the Temple

Sometimes children think of a visit to a place of worship as a boring adult activity. In this story, Sita goes with her parents to visit their local temple and gradually goes from being bored to having more and more fun at the various activities there

Set A - Book 06: Did Krishna Do It?

Charming baby Krishna often broke the clay pots of butter or yoghurt when his mother, Yashoda, was busy. His naughtiness captivated the hearts of Vrindavana village where he lived, and continues to delight children today.

Set A - Book 07: Krishna's Pot

A father and daughter in an Indian town face pigs, dogs, and more on their way to bring a pot to a temple. The girl is serious about her responsibility to hold the pot without spilling anything, even when Dad stops quickly many times.

Set A - Book 08: The Red and Tan Pack

Sita has fun shopping with her dad using his new red and tan pack with the pocket. But the cup they bought seems to be missing. Will Sita be able to find it?

Set A - Book 09: Rama's Hut

This is based on the Ramayan, an ancient sacred literature of India. King Rama is unfairly exiled. His younger brother, Laksmana, and his wife, Sita, follow Him for 14 years until their return in triumph. In this book a boy pretends to be Laksmana and makes a play hut in his backyard for his Rama doll.

Set A - Book 10: Sita Will Fix the Mess

Many families like to have an altar, or sacred space, in their home. Sita is excited to get a box delivered with items for the family altar. In her excitement, she breaks all the new items and thinks of how to solve the problem.

Set A - Book 11: Diwali

Diwali, a celebration of New Year, is a time for decorating the home with light. This family in a village near Govardhan works together to light the traditional ghee wicks in small clay pots.

Set A - Book 12: Song of the Ramayan

It’s Diwali and there will be songs about Rama at the temple. Sita is anxious to go and perform with her friends. But when she gets up on stage, she for-gets her part in the song.

Set A - Book 13: Krishna in a Boat

In many temples and holy places in India there are annual boat festivals. Sometimes anyone can go in the water and pull the temple boat as part of the festival, and sometimes the public ride in other boats, as well.

Set A - Book 14: I Look for My Krishna

In the middle of the famous rasa dance, Krishna suddenly disappears. The cowherd girls look everywhere for him and then decide to spend their time creating poetry and putting it to song. Thousands of years later, people still learn and sing the famous “gopi-gita” they composed.